How Do You Treat Foot Pain From Nerve Damage?


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Treatments for foot pain from nerve damage include nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, physical therapy, relaxation therapy, electrical stimulation and successful treatment of any underlying conditions, WebMD states. Combining multiple forms of treatment may be especially helpful.

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Many home remedies may help with treating foot pain from nerve damage, WebMD notes. Very good hygiene and foot care that involves regular podiatrist visits, wearing shoes that do not irritate the feet, and performing daily foot examinations may strongly contribute to reducing foot pain. Consistent sleep patterns, with a minimum of eight hours of sleep per night and reduced caffeine intake, may alleviate some of the sleep disturbances that develop from foot pain. Many substances, including capsaicin cream, geranium oil and lidocaine, relieve pain when applied to the afflicted area. Other helpful measures include reducing alcohol intake, soaking feet in warm water and meditation.

Foot pain from nerve damage occurs due to injured or impaired nerves consistently transmitting the wrong pain signals, WebMD explains. The condition typically follows tissue injury and affects nerves both at the site of the injury itself and the surrounding areas. Sometimes, this type of pain does not have a clear cause, and it occasionally develops as a consequence of conditions such as diabetes, alcoholism, AIDS, shingles and multiple sclerosis.

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