How Do You Treat Foot Corns?


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To treat a foot corn, take certain medications, cut off the tough skin, use shoe inserts or undergo surgery, according to Mayo Clinic. Soak the feet in warm, soapy water to soften and remove the corn. Wear shoes that fit well, and use protective pads.

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Scrapping off the extra skin with a scalpel may aid in relieving corn problems, states Mayo Clinic. However, consult a doctor prior to the process. Antibiotic ointments may prevent further infection. After bathing, cutting the softened tissues with a nail file or a pumice stone may remove the corn. Diabetics should not use a pumice stone because it can trigger an infection. Surgery may remove or correct the alignment of a bone that causes the problem.

Over-the-counter exfoliants and soaks may not relieve the symptoms of a corn, states Everyday Health. Re-measuring the feet for a more accurate, possibly wider, shoe size and undergoing physical therapy may curb the problem.

Nonmedicated pads and bandages may prevent the foot from rubbing against shoes, thus stopping a corn from forming, advises Mayo Clinic. Lamb's wool or other separators can be put between toes to avoid friction. Comfortable socks may also help in treating and preventing the problem.

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