How Do You Treat a Fear of Being Alone?


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According to psychologist Dr. Vincent Berger, treatments for the fear of being alone include cognitive therapy and behavioral therapy. These treatments help individuals suffering fears of being alone understand the underlying anxieties that may be contributing to the fears as well as learn new communication and behavior techniques. Dr. Berger also explains that pet therapy is beneficial in treating loneliness as animals provide companionship and help to minimize depression.

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Anxiety Care UK explains that fears of being alone are referred to as monophobia. Symptoms of monophobia can often be relieved through structured therapy programs that help sufferers understand that being alone need not be perceived as dangerous. The programs require patients to spend short periods of time alone, with a gradual expansion of the time spent alone. Over time, patients are able to see for themselves that they are perfectly capable of being alone.

About.com explains that monophobia is a blanket term for several fears that include the fear of separation from loved ones, such as spouses or parents, the fear of being alone among crowds, the fear of living alone and the fear of staying home alone. Separation fears and fears of staying home alone are often triggered by real-life situations, such as children leaving home for the first time or residing in high-crime neighborhoods. Fears of being alone can also signify underlying psychological conditions, so it is always best for to seek mental health assistance if fears are long-lasting or cause significant anxiety.

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