How Do You Treat Eyelid Swelling?


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Treat eyelid swelling with prescription eye drops from a medical professional, over-the-counter antihistamines, anti-inflammatory creams and home remedies, such as applying an ice pack or cold cloth to the affected eye, recommends EyeHealthWeb. People with swollen eyelids should avoid rubbing or touching the eye, as well as wearing powders or makeup that can cause particles to enter the eye, causing further irritation.

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Additional home remedies to treat swollen eyelids include getting more sleep, tapping the eyelids gently to drain and release built-up fluid, and increasing water intake, according to EyeHealthWeb. Avoid artificial sweetener and salt, and consume more fatty acids such as fatty fish or flax seed, to help reduce inflammation of the eyelids.

Eyelid swelling due to an infection may require an antibiotic prescribed from a physician, explains EyeHealthWeb. Painful, swollen eyelids may be caused by viral or bacterial infections, styes, eye disorders such as blepharochalasis, shingles, conjunctivitis or orbital cellulitis. Swollen eyelids that are not painful can be caused by gland blockages, dirty contact lenses, or solutions and allergies. Puffy and swollen eyes are commonly a result of dehydration, high blood pressure, hormonal imbalances, certain medications and genetics.

People with swollen eyelids may experience symptoms such as itching, tenderness, discharge from the eye, redness and an inability to close or open the eye completely, in addition to swelling, according to EyeHealthWeb.

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