How Do You Treat Excessive Sweating Associated With Cancer?


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Ways to treat excessive sweating associated with cancer include taking certain drugs to reduce hot flashes, doing estrogen replacement therapy and treating the cause of the sweating, according to Cancer.gov. Excessive sweating from cancer is typically due to the hot flashes and night sweats, which are common side effects of certain types of cancer.

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Treating the cause is often the best way to reduce excessive sweating, says Cancer.gov. Some sweating associated with cancer is caused by the tumor itself. If this occurs, treating the tumor is the best course of action. There is also estrogen replacement therapy to help treat hot flashes and night sweats. Women who are experiencing hot flashes from menopause while also getting cancer treatment might have success with this method. However, it is not recommended for women with breast cancer. In this case, there is hormone replacement therapy. There is also hormone replacement therapy for men with prostate cancer, including using estrogen, progestin and anticonvulsants.

Some patients with cancer find that the sweating is reduced with certain drugs, though it is important to only take drugs under a doctor’s supervision, recommends Cancer.gov. Some drugs can have a negative reaction with certain cancers. Drugs that have been helpful for patients with excessive sweating include anticonvulsants, antidepressants and clonidine.

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