How Do You Treat Edema in the Legs?


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Sometimes edema in the legs is treated with blood thinners, diuretics, surgery or antihistamines, states WebMD. Some people require radiation, chemotherapy or corticosteroids to treat edema. The treatment for this condition normally varies according to the cause of the condition.

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For instance, edema in the legs can be caused by a blood clot, tumor, congestive hearth failure or liver disease, explains WebMD. Edema caused by a blood clot requires the use of blood thinners, while edema caused by a tumor could require chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. Edema caused by a tumor or blood clot occurs because the normal drainage system from that area of the body is blocked. Edema that is caused by congestive heart failure is often treated with a diuretic medication.

Edema can result from inflammation or injury, as well as more serious medical conditions, states WebMD. For instance, a bee sting or twisted ankle can cause edema in the area of injury. A person who has an infection can actually benefit from swelling, as it allows more white blood cells to enter the area and fight the infection. However, people who have a critical illness, such as burns or life-threatening infections, can also develop edema. In these cases, edema can occur in the entire body. Edema also occurs as a result of most allergic reactions.

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