How Do You Treat Eczema on Your Feet?


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To treat eczema on your feet, soak the feet in tepid water for five to 10 minutes, and then withdraw them before gently drying them with the use of a soft towel, according to WebMD. According to Patient.co.uk, you can treat dry, cracked feet by applying a plain glycerin- or petroleum-based ointment. For the soles, smear a potent cream.

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You can treat eczema at home, following the “wash-smear” method. This softens the skin and removes dirt. This is important because applying a potent ointment on a dirty surface is not advisable. WebMD advises against the use of detergents or soaps and instead recommends moisturizers, such as emulsifying ointments or aqueous creams. Afterwards, apply a potent cream, which can be salicylic acid or tacrolimus. Apply the cream twice per day. Always apply a moisturizer before smearing any potent cream. To treat exudates, blisters or skin erosions on your feet, soak your feet in a potassium permanganate solution for after every four hours, until you see that the skin is dry, says Patient.co.uk.

According to WebMD, you can deal with eczema flare-ups by taking short, tepid showers every day using soapless cleansers, followed by application of fragrance-free moisturizers. This goes a long way in keeping your skin clean and soft.

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