How Do You Treat Dyslexia?


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Treating dyslexia usually involves the child working with a specially trained reading teacher to learn techniques for reading and spelling that help him to be successful in school, according to KidsHealth. Federal laws require schools in the United States to provide this help along with other accommodations to help a child with dyslexia succeed in his education.

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WebMD indicates that dyslexia is a lifelong condition. It makes it more difficult for a child's brain to make connections regarding words on the page. As a result, he often finds it more difficult to recognize words quickly when reading. While school officials sometimes recommend holding a child with dyslexia back a grade, research shows this is no more effective than other methods of teaching that allow the child to remain with his original class.

The United States requires schools to develop an individualized education plan for students diagnosed with dyslexia, according to Mayo Clinic. An IEP serves as a written plan for meeting the educational needs of a student with dyslexia. Early intervention allows a dyslexic child to have the special help needed in kindergarten or in the early grades so he is better prepared as his education advances. Parents of the dyslexic student play a key role in ensuring their child gets the help he requires.

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