How Do You Treat Dry and Flaky Eyelids?


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Use products specifically designed for use around the eyes, as this skin is very sensitive. Products intended for the entire body should not be used on the eyelids, according to Eye Health Web. Keep the hands clean throughout the day, and avoid touching the eyelids and surrounding area, in order to prevent the condition from worsening.

In some cases, dry, flaky eyelids are caused by blepharitis or Sjogren’s syndrome: these conditions each require treatment by a dermatologist or doctor, according to Eye Health Web. When experiencing on-going dry, flaky eyelids, schedule a doctor's appointment to determine if an underlying condition is causing these symptoms.

In most cases, dry, flaky eyelids result from the eyelids being in contact with certain substances, according to Eye Health Web. Some common sources of irritation of the eyelids include cosmetics, shampoo, food, allergies, cleansers, eyelash curlers and hair dyes containing p-Phenylenediamine. Other causes of dry, flaky eyelids include psoriasis and eczema.

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