How Do You Treat Dry Eyes at Home?


Individuals can treat dry eyes at home by applying a warm compress to the eyes to unplug blocked tear glands and cleaning the eyelids with water and a mild soap, according to Healthline. Individuals with dry eyes should also blink regularly to spread fluid around the eyeballs to avoid dryness.

Preventative treatments include wearing sunglasses when exposed to the sun because sunlight can worsen the condition, explains Healthline. Patients can also lubricate the eyes with over-the-counter eye drops or prescription eye drops as directed by a medical professional.

Prolonged exposure to electronic devices, televisions and computer screens often contributes to dry eyes, according to Healthline. Individuals should limit exposure to avoid worsening the condition. Environmental factors, such as exposure to windy conditions or cigarette smoke, dry out eyes. Patients should remain indoors during windy weather if they are prone to dry eyes or wear protective eye wear. A humidifier in the home may help to increase the moisture within the air for patients with dry eyes.

Changes to the diet may help promote more moisture within the eyes, explains Healthline. An increase in omega-3 fatty acids helps to relieve dry eyes due to eye inflammation. Fatty acids may also help promote tear production and higher-quality tears.