How Do You Treat Diabetic Nerve Pain at Home?


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Diabetics can treat nerve pain at home by controlling their blood sugar levels, caring for their feet, exercising, undergoing warm water treatment and getting enough vitamins, advises WebMD. Diabetics can also soothe pain with botanical oils.

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There are several home treatments that diabetics can undergo to soothe nerve pain such as warm water and hot chili pepper treatments, says WebMD. Warm water treatment is as simple as soaking the pained area, particularly legs and feet, in a warm bath. Hot chili peppers are made into a capasaicin paste that a diabetic can rub into the painful area three to four times a day.

Some simple lifestyle changes can also help to soothe diabetic nerve pain, explains WebMD. High blood sugar levels damage nerves in the first place, so controlling those blood sugar levels is the top treatment strategy. Another important lifestyle strategy is proper exercise. Walking alone can help to heal painful, damaged cells as well as reduce blood sugar.

Diabetics can treat nerve pain by properly caring for the feet such as cleaning them thoroughly each day, inspecting them for any sores or ulcers and keeping the nails cut short, recommends WebMD. They also need to wear padded socks and comfortable shoes.

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