How Do You Treat Diabetic Foot Pain?


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The primary treatment for diabetic foot pain is controlling levels of blood sugar, according to WebMD. Additional treatments include over-the-counter pain relievers, keeping feet clean and toenails trimmed, wearing comfortable shoes, bathing the feet in warm water, cutting down on alcohol, taking B vitamins, applying botanical oils to affected areas, exercising, taking primrose oil orally, and applying capsaicin to affected areas several times a day.

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An additional treatment that has been reported as effective for some people is alpha-lipoic acid supplements, which are used in Germany to treat pain related to diabetes, WebMD notes. The treatment is not officially endorsed by diabetes groups in the United States. Because medicines only reduce pain by about 50 percent on average, many diabetics try alternative and home remedies. Patients should consult with their doctors before taking any new supplements.

High blood sugar in diabetics creates toxicity that causes damage to nerves and resulting pain, according to WebMD. Keeping blood sugar near the normal level allows diabetic neuropathy to improve, and it is possible to reverse the condition. Exercise can help reduce blood sugar and slow or stop nerve damage. Alcohol can be toxic to nerves, especially those that are already damaged, and intake should be minimized.

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