How Do You Treat Diabetic Foot Disorders?


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The most common treatment for diabetic foot problems is to keep blood sugar levels in the acceptable range through medication, surgery and other methods. Foot ulcers caused by diabetes are sometimes treated by keeping weight off the foot and, in some cases, with a cast, according to WebMD.

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Other treatment methods for diabetic foot ulcers include cushioned shoes, orthotic inserts and physical supports, such as canes and crutches. An extreme case requires a wheelchair and bed rest, adds WebMD. Infected feet also require treatment with antibiotics. A severely infected foot ulcer, in which the foot tissue dies, requires amputation of the toes, foot or parts of the leg. Surgery is used for removing bones that are causing a deformity.

People with diabetes should check their feet daily for sores, blisters, redness and calluses. At-home methods for preventing and treating minor foot problems include keeping the skin moist, smoothing corns or calluses with an emery board or pumice stone, and keeping the toenails trimmed straight across, states WebMD. It is also recommended to always wear closed-toe shoes that fit well with socks or stockings. Other helpful measures include protecting feet from heat and cold, keeping the blood flowing to the feet, and quitting smoking.

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