How Do You Treat Diabetes?


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A combination of nutrition, exercise and medication comprises a treatment program for diabetes. Both type 1 and type 2 diabetes patients have to be careful with their blood sugar levels to keep complications from developing. Physicians work with patients to develop personalized care plans, notes Joslin Diabetes Center.

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How Do You Treat Diabetes?
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Exercise is a crucial part of managing diabetes and keeping complications such as high blood pressure and heart disease from developing. Even 30 minutes of brisk walking each day can be enough to start an exercise program that helps to manage blood sugar, according to Joslin Diabetes Center.

Nutritional choices are important for diabetics, but the foods on the plate are not the only important elements. The timing and portion sizes associated with a meal are also crucial. Dietitians sit down with diabetics to put together a personalized meal plan that suits their lifestyles and fits the necessary nutrients into their diets. This sort of plan helps diabetics drop weight and reduce the danger of complications over time, states Joslin Diabetes Center.

When it comes to medications, insulin is one of the most common treatments. Type 1 diabetics need insulin to control their diabetes, and they take it through injections or a pump that delivers it throughout the day. Some type 2 diabetics can manage their condition through exercise and diet, but others need medications, explains Joslin Diabetes Center.

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