How Do You Treat Demyelination?

How Do You Treat Demyelination?

Certain medications and physical therapy are the most common treatment options for demyelination. There are no cures for demyelination diseases, notes Mayo Clinic.

Demyelination diseases are conditions that cause damage to myelin. Myelin is the membrane or coating that protects nerves, notes Healthline. The most common cause of demyelination is inflammation. Other possible causes of this condition include loss of oxygen, metabolic complications, certain viral infections and physical compression. When demyelination occurs, the nerves of the human body may not be able to send and receive messages from the brain.

Numbness is one of the most commonly experienced symptom in individuals with the condition. Individuals may develop blurred vision and dizziness. Other symptoms include impaired coordination, pain, memory problems, poor bladder and bowel control, general body weakness and increased heart rate.

Scientists are still conducting various researches to come up with a cure for demyelination. However, certain treatment options may be helpful in slowing down the progression of this condition and managing the symptoms.

In a few cases, new instances of myelin have been noted to grow back. The new layer is thin and does not provide optimal protection. Doctors may prescribe certain drug therapies depending on the disorder that is responsible for myelin damage. Some drugs help in relieving pain and increasing energy. Physical therapy may help deal with symptoms such as pain.