How Do You Treat Dementia Symptoms in Men?


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Treatment for dementia symptoms in men can involve simplifying daily routines, learning coping strategies and developing a safety plan, reports HelpGuide.Org. If the cause of the dementia is treatable, then pursuing that treatment can help alleviate or eliminate symptoms.

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Some types of dementia are irreversible and difficult to treat, but others have a clear cause. This can include medication interactions or side effects, vitamin B12 deficiency, hypothyroidism and some infections, according to WebMD. Brain tumors, depression and complications from AIDS are other potentially treatable forms of dementia or cognitive impairment.

Prevention is also good, even if mild cognitive impairment is already present, according to HelpGuide.Org. Men suffering from mild dementia should stay physically active and get as much mental stimulation as possible, including social interaction and mental games, such as crossword puzzles. A healthy diet is also important. Remaining independent for as long as possible is a good idea, and coping strategies such as decluttering the home and using memory aids, including to-do lists and calendars, can help.

There are also some drugs that may help some types of dementia, reports the Alzheimer's Association. During early stages, cholinesterase inhibitors may help keep the disease from progressing. People with moderate to severe Alzheimer's disease may benefit from memantine, which improves memory, language and other functions.

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