How Do You Treat a Cut on Your Scalp?

To treat a minor cut on your scalp, wash your hands, and then apply pressure to the cut using a clean cloth or gauze, suggests WebMD. Apply pressure for 15 minutes to stop the bleeding. If your blood soaks through the cloth, place another clean cloth or gauze on top.

Because your scalp is covered with numerous blood vessels that sit just below the skin's surface, even a minor scalp injury tends to bleed excessively, according to WebMD. Seek immediate medical attention if the cut continues to bleed, even after applying pressure to it, or if you begin to feel dizzy or weak. Avoid applying pressure to deep cuts or areas of the skull that appear sunken. Contact emergency medical services to properly treat large or deep cuts on the head or face.

Before applying pressure to a minor cut on your scalp, inspect the cut, and, if possible, remove any debris, dirt and other objects. Apply pressure around objects that you cannot safely remove, WebMD advises. Afterwards, cover the cut with a bandage.

If the cut swells or turns red, or if you develop a fever, seek medical attention to treat a possible infection, suggests WebMD. Consult with a physician to remove any foreign objects trapped inside or around the wound. Within a few days, a scab should form over the cut.