How Do You Treat Corns on the Feet?


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Using shoe inserts, cutting away extra skin, taking certain medications and undergoing surgery may help treat corns on the feet, explains Mayo Clinic. Wearing shoes and socks that fit well, soaking feet in water, and using nonprescription pads may also aid in removing corns.

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With the help of a doctor, using a scalpel to cut away the thickened skin may help in relieving corns, notes Mayo Clinic. A person with foot corns may also use a nail file, pumice stone or wash cloth to remove the thickened skin. However, a pumice stone may worsen infections if the patient has diabetes. Antibiotic ointments may help lower the risk of infection, and customized shoe inserts prevent corns from reoccurring.

Soaking the feet in warm water and applying a moisturizer to the affected area may help soften the corn, making it simple to remove the extra skin, as Mayo Clinic explains. The patient should take care when using over-the-counter pads, which contain salicylic acid, to prevent infection or skin irritation.

Surgery may be necessary when straightening a bone that causes friction, according to Mayo Clinic. Diabetics should consult with their doctors prior to undertaking any of the treatment options. To prevent corns, individuals should place nonmedicated corn pads or bandages between their feet and footwear or put toe separators between the toes. Wearing shoes that are roomy may also help lower the risk of developing foot corns.

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