How Do You Treat a Concussion?


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Rest and restriction of activities are the main treatments for a concussion, according to Mayo Clinic. Headache medication may also be recommended by a treating physician.

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How Do You Treat a Concussion?
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Resting after a concussion gives the brain the time it needs to recover both physically and mentally. In general, avoiding exertion is important, which includes avoidance of any vigorous activities or sports. In addition, mental activities that require concentration and thinking should also be limited. This includes using a computer, watching TV or playing video games. More activities that require thinking and the use of mental faculties can be added as symptoms improve, notes Mayo Clinic. This includes increasing time spent working or going to school.

The use of headache-relieving medicine can help with pain caused by a concussion. Acetaminophen, ibuprofen and aspirin may be used per doctors orders to alleviate pain.

Before returning to competitive sports, a doctor's evaluation is required. If sports are resumed too soon following a concussion, the risk of sustaining a life-threatening brain injury increases.

To reduce the risk of concussion, individuals should wear protective gear when participating in sports, wear seat belts while riding in or driving a car and keep the home lit well to reduce slip-and-fall injuries, advises Mayo Clinic.

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