How Do You Treat Clear Heat Bumps?


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Individuals suffering from a heat rash with clear bumps can treat the affected skin by keeping it dry and cool, explains WebMD. Additional treatment options include cooling the body with a fan or air conditioner, as well as taking a cool bath or shower. To help heal heat bumps or rashes, patients should avoid applying oil-based products to the skin, as they may block the sweat glands.

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Clear heat bumps that have burst may require medication such as oral antibiotics to treat or ward off a potential infection, especially if a fever or signs of illness exist, warns WebMD. Individuals with burst blisters or bumps should consult with a medical professional.

Heat rashes that produce clear bumps are preventable by avoiding hot or humid environments, according to WebMD. People who sweat excessively and are exposed to hot weather are prone to heat rashes. It helps to avoid strenuous exercise when the weather is warm or to exercise in air-conditioned environments. Preventive methods include taking cool showers and baths when the body has overheated, and drying the skin thoroughly. It is important to stay hydrated, drink plenty of fluids, and wear loose-fitting clothing to keep the body cool when the temperatures are warm or overly humid.

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