How Do You Treat a Chronic Itching Ear?


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Some treatment options for chronic itchy ears include antibiotic ear drops, baby or olive oil, and hydrogen peroxide. However, the treatment for chronic itching ears depends on the cause, according to About.com.

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Swimmer's ear is a common cause of itchy ears which can be prevented by keeping the ears dry. Some ways to keep the ears dry include wearing ear plugs when bathing or swimming and gently drying the ears after bathing or swimming, says About.com. However, since it is caused by an infection, more serious cases require antibiotic ear drops.

Itchy skin in the ears caused by skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema can be treated by placing a couple drops of baby or olive oil into the ear daily. If any previous surgery has affected the ear drum, this remedy is not recommended, warns About.com. Steroids are another option for treating itchy skin conditions.

Excessive ear wax is another cause for itchy ears. Placing a couple of drops of hydrogen peroxide or baby or mineral oil in the ear can help with cleaning the wax out, claims About.com. Over-the-counter ear drops can also be used to dissolve excess wax.

Additionally, hearing aids can cause an itchy ear if there is an allergic reaction to the material. One way to remedy this is to clean the hearing aid with rubbing alcohol before wearing it, instructs About.com.

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