How Do You Treat Cherry Angiomas?


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It is possible to remove cherry angiomas by burning, freezing, laser surgery and shave excision, according to MedlinePlus. Unless the growth is really large, the patient can expect acceptable cosmetic results after any of these procedures, reports HealthCentral.

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Electrocauterization is a procedure that involves using a tiny probe to deliver an electric current that burns the cherry angioma, notes Healthline. Doctors also place a grounding pad on the patient's body to shield the rest of the body from the electric current.

Cryosurgery involves freezing the cherry angioma using liquid nitrogen, according to Healthline. This treatment option is quick and easy, and only requires a single session. The doctor sprays liquid nitrogen on the cherry angioma for about 10 seconds, and the extreme cold destroys the growth. Cryosurgery requires minimal aftercare, and there is less chance of infection compared to other procedures.

Laser surgery is an outpatient procedure that involves using a pulsed dye laser to remove the cherry angioma, explains Healthline. This is a yellow laser that produces enough heat to remove the angioma. A patients may need one to three treatment sessions, depending on the number of angiomas the patiens has. The procedure may cause bruising that lasts up to 10 days.

Shave excision is a procedure that involves slicing the angioma into thin slices until the whole lesion is gone, reports Healthline. This is an alternative to an invasive surgery that involves removing the angioma and stitching the wound.

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