How Do You Treat Cellulitis of the Eye?


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Treatment for mild cases of cellulitis of the eyelid generally includes taking oral antibiotics, such as amoxicillin and dicloxacillin. Children under the age of 4 may need to receive antibiotics intravenously in a hospital. According to Healthline, individuals with severe cellulitis may wish to seek treatment from a specialist, such as an ophthalmologist, who may recommend intravenous antibiotics or surgery.

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How Do You Treat Cellulitis of the Eye?
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Cellulitis of the eyelid is a bacterial infection that affects the tissue around the eyelid, and symptoms may include redness, swelling and fever. Vision is not normally affected, and sufferers rarely experience pain with the condition. Cellulitis of the eyelid is rarely serious if treated early, but in extreme cases the infection can spread to the eye socket in what is known as orbital cellulitis. This can lead to serious problems, such as permanent vision problems or complete blindness, according to Healthline.

Cellulitis of the eyelid is most common in children, and it may occur following an insect bite or small injury near the eye that opens the skin to infection. The bacteria can also be spread from respiratory infections to the eye, sinus infections and the contagious skin infection impetigo. Healthline encourages infected individuals to discard any eye makeup or contact lenses used prior to developing the condition as they may be harboring the bacteria.

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