How Do You Treat Cat Bites in Humans?


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To treat a bite from a cat or other animal, wash the area with soap and water, apply an antibiotic ointment and bandage the area, applying pressure if the cat bite created deep punctures, recommends Mayo Clinic. Contact a doctor immediately if there are signs of infection or the immunization status of the cat is unknown, presenting the possibility of rabies.

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For a minor bite wound that barely breaks the skin, wash the area thoroughly before applying a topical antibiotic and a clean bandage, according to Mayo Clinic. If the wound is deep, badly torn or bleeding, apply pressure with a clean bandage, and seek medical attention. Signs of infection that warrant a call to the doctor include an increase in redness, pain, swelling or oozing from the bite wound.

Although dogs are more likely to bite humans than cats are, cat bites are more likely to cause deep puncture wounds that may lead to infection as they are difficult to clean, according to Mayo Clinic. Consider getting a tetanus booster if your last shot was more than five years ago or the bite wound is dirty or deep, and consult your doctor immediately if you are unable to confirm the cat has received scheduled rabies vaccines.

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