How Do You Treat Calluses on the Bottom of Your Feet?


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An individual can treat calluses on the bottom of feet by wearing properly fitting shoes, using padded shoe inserts, trimming excess skin, taking medication or perhaps surgery, according to Mayo Clinic. It can also be helpful to avoid any repetitive movements that affect the callused areas.

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If a foot deformity is contributing to the calluses, an individual can wear custom-designed padded shoe inserts to prevent additional calluses, according to Mayo Clinic.

A doctor can trim callus skin with a scalpel, according to Mayo Clinic. Trimming calluses should be done by a doctor, because improper trimming may lead to infection.

If directed by a doctor, an individual can apply moisturizing cream to a callus overnight and carefully rub off the excess skin with a pumice stone or soft brush, according to WebMD. An individual can also gently rub away dead skin after bathing and then apply moisturizing cream.

A doctor may treat calluses by applying a salicylic acid patch, according to Mayo Clinic. These patches are also available over-the-counter.

Surgery may be recommended by a podiatrist or orthopedist if the callus is caused by structural abnormalities, according to WebMD. Surgery does not guarantee against future calluses.

Additional, simpler treatments for calluses include keeping the feet dry, limiting foot friction and wearing cotton socks, according to WebMD.

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