How Do You Treat Burned Skin on Your Face?

How Do You Treat Burned Skin on Your Face?

Burns on the face should be treated as a major burn, according to Mayo Clinic. Cover the burn with a moist bandage or a clean cloth and stay upright to keep the burn above the heart. Call an ambulance or go to the hospital immediately.

A burn on the face should not be immersed in cold water, states Mayo Clinic. Lowering body temperature too quickly can result in hypothermia or cause the patient to go into shock.

Some facial burns can result from cold temperatures, according to WebMD. To treat these burns, the afflicted area should be warmed by gentle blowing or a warm water bath.

Burns can be sorted into three types, reports Mayo Clinic. The level of severity determines the type of care a burn needs. First-degree burns are the mildest, resulting only in surface-level skin tissue damage. Redness, swelling and pain are all normal for a first-degree burn.

However, a second-degree burn is more serious, often resulting in blisters or red and white splotchy skin, states Mayo Clinic. A second-degree burn on the face requires immediate medical help. A third-degree burn involves much more damage, often affecting even muscle and bone. In addition to tissue damage, a patient may have difficulty breathing and display signs of carbon monoxide poisoning.