How Do You Treat Burn Injuries?


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To treat mild burn injuries, alleviate pain by holding the burned area under cool water for 10 to 15 minutes, remove tight items such as rings before swelling begins, avoid breaking blisters, and apply aloe vera lotion or gel or a moisturizer, recommends Mayo Clinic. Take an over-the-counter pain reliever, and get a tetanus shot if necessary. If large blisters occur, or if the burn covers a large portion of the body, see a health care professional.

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It is important to see a doctor if signs of an infection occur, notes Mayo Clinic. Signs of an infection include oozing from the wound and increased swelling, pain and redness. If a major burn occurs, seek emergency medical assistance immediately. While waiting for medical professionals to arrive, remove the affected person from harm's way.

Check the burn victim for signs of circulation, including breathing, movement or coughing, states Mayo Clinic. Perform CPR if necessary. Remove any items that may restrict the body, such as belts or jewelry, but do not remove any burned clothing that may be stuck to the skin.

To prevent hypothermia or shock, do not immerse large, severe burns in cold water, cautions Mayo Clinic. If possible, elevate the burned area above heart level. Using a clean cloth or a cool, moist bandage, cover the affected area.

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