How Do You Treat Burn Blisters?


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Burn blisters should be treated by rinsing with cool water, cleaning with soap and water, applying an antibiotic ointment and bandaging to protect the affected skin, recommends WebMD. Arms and legs with burn blisters should be elevated to reduce swelling.

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How Do You Treat Burn Blisters?
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Rinsing burn blisters with cool water for 15 to 30 minutes helps alleviate the pain and sting, explains WebMD. Cool compresses can be applied to the burn blister as well. To treat the burn blister, patients should wash the affected area gently with soap and water, dry the blister thoroughly, and apply an antibiotic ointment to the skin.

Burn blisters that have not burst may not need to be bandaged, according to WebMD. If the blister breaks, a bandage should be loosely placed on the skin to prevent dirt and bacteria from infecting the site of the burn. The bandage needs to be changed daily and when it becomes wet or soiled. Bandages that become stuck to the burn blister should be soaked in warm water to remove easily without ripping the skin. Nonstick dressings are more appropriate for severe burn blisters. Patients can also wrap the burn blister, especially if multiple blisters exist on the skin. Taping the bandage is not recommended, as this procedure can cause swelling.

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