How Do You Treat a Bulging Disc in the Neck?


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Resting, taking certain medications, undergoing cortisone injections, undertaking physical therapy and using certain traction devices may aid in treating a bulging disc in the neck, according to Healthline. In rare instances, surgery may be needed to counter the problem.

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How Do You Treat a Bulging Disc in the Neck?
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Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, including ibuprofen, may aid in treating a bulging disc, explains Healthline. Narcotic pain relievers and muscle relaxers can aid in alleviating extreme pain. Epidural steroid injections, or ESI, are examples of cortisone injections that can offer long-lasting comfort. At-home traction devices and physical therapy aid in reducing pressure on nerves that trigger symptoms.

Symptoms such as numbness and weakness may accompany a bulging disc in the neck, and may bring about a herniated disc if left untreated, reports Healthline. The condition may occur with or without pain, which may radiate to other areas, including chest, arms and shoulders. Pain and tingling associated with the bulging usually occur on one side of the body.

The most common cause of bulging discs is degenerative disc disease, which normally leads to spinal osteoarthritis, according to Healthline. Obesity, lack of activity, strain, injury and bad posture may lead to bulging discs as well. Smoking can also cause the disc to bulge. Physical examination procedures, CAT and CT scans, spinal X-rays, and magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, may aid in diagnosing a bulging disc.

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