How Do You Treat a Bruised Sternum?

According to the New Health Guide, a bruised sternum is treated through applying a cold compress, massage, rest, eating a healthy diet, micro-current therapy and medications for pain management. The pain from a bruised sternum can be alleviated using these methods, which promote healing. The healing process generally takes 4-6 weeks.

Rub ice on the sternum in five to 10 minute intervals three times per day, advises the New Health Guide. Wrap ice in a cloth before applying the compress to the skin. This method relieves some of the swelling and discomfort associated with a bruised sternum.

Avoid all forms of excessive movement that cause pain to the sternum, including smoking and heavy lifting. Eating a healthy diet full of plant-based foods including plenty of green vegetables and a variety of fruits can also help speed up the recovery process.

When pain begins to subside, low impact exercises, like swimming or biking, can be helpful to restoring the range of motion, according to New Health Guide. To speed up healing, micro-current therapy, or the exposure to an electric current to correct the body's electrical field that was disrupted by the injury, can help to heal tissues and reduce pain. Use over-the-counter pain relievers to minimize swelling and discomfort.