How Do You Treat Boils in Your Groin Region?


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Treatments for boils in the groin involve washing and drying twice a day as well as using moist heat to drain the boil, according to WebMD. It is important to stop sharing towels or washcloths with others until the boil is gone because the infection spreads through contact.

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Boils are red bumps that look like super-sized pimples, and they are often caused by infections in the hair follicles. The bacteria that arise from the infection create a pocket of pus known as an abscess. As the boil grows, it often causes intense pain. The most frequent sites for boils are places where friction and hair come together, such as the buttocks, breasts, armpits and neck in addition to the groin, according to WebMD.

Squeezing or scratching the boil is not recommended because doing so can force the infection farther beneath the surface of the skin. Using wet, warm washcloths on the boil for about half an hour three or four times a day helps the boil drain over the course of about a week. After the boil opens, the patient should continue using the compresses for at least three more days, but the boil needs a bandage to keep the drainage from spreading. Boils that drain on their own should be left alone except for cleaning and bandaging, as explained by WebMD.

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