How Do You Treat a Boil in the Crease of the Buttocks?


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Treat boils that develop in buttock creases by applying warm compresses to the affected areas and allowing the pus to drain naturally, but severe or deep infections are likely to require medical treatment, explains Mayo Clinic. Medical treatments for boils include antibiotics and incision procedures in which the boil is surgically opened to encourage drainage.

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While small boils are generally not dangerous, persistent boils that are accompanied by fever, severe pain or swollen limbs require immediate medical attention, according to Healthline. People over age 65, children and people with organ transplants or compromised immune systems should also seek medical treatment if boils develop.

In most cases, boils develop when bacteria enter the skin through small abrasions and make their way into the hair follicles, explains WebMD. As the infection progresses, the skin becomes inflamed, and a small bump develops. Within approximately seven days, pus develops on the tip of the boil and forms a white head. In certain cases, the surrounding lymph nodes may become swollen, and additional boils may develop. Following home or medical treatment, keep the affected area clean and covered to encourage healing. Reduce the risk of boils by properly treating skin wounds and maintaining proper hygiene.

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