How Do You Treat a Blistered Hot Water Burn?


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Treat a blistered hot water burn by cooling the burn area using cool water for about 30 minutes to lower the skin temperature and ease pain. Avoid ice or iced water because it may damage skin tissue. Remove jewelry, rings or other items that constrict the burn area or get in the way, says WebMD. Leave the blisters intact, and clean the burn using mild soap and water. Apply an antibiotic ointment such as bacitracin on the burn.

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Avoid using butter on the burn area because it traps heat within the burn and may cause an infection. Ensuring that an individual’s hands are clean before treating a burn lowers the risk of infection on open blisters, states WebMD. Avoid using a bandage if the blisters are still intact to eliminate the risk of breaking them; however, if the risk of irritation or exposure to dirt exists, or in case the blisters break open, the burn area may require bandaging.

Eliminate the risk of infection by changing the bandage whenever it becomes wet. If the bandage gets stuck to the burn, apply warm water on it to ease removal, and consider using a nonstick dressing, advises WebMD. Loosely wrap the burn to minimize pressure on the burn area, and avoid taping the bandage because it may cause swelling. To decrease swelling, consider raising the burn area, if on the arm or leg, during the initial 24 to 48 hours.

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