How Do You Treat Blepharitis?


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Blepharitis can be treated using a washcloth, warm water and gentle soap, according to WebMD. Horizontal scrubbing of the eyelid can remove crust and unclog oil glands. More extreme cases require testosterone creams or a heat therapy.

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Blepharitis is caused by an overgrowth of skin bacteria, clogged oil glands or sometimes allergies, reports WebMD. Symptoms of blepharitis include dry eyes, crusty eyelids and swollen eyes. Blepharitis cannot be cured, but can be treated at home using a washcloth and soap.

First the patient should run the cloth under very warm water, wring it out, and then place it on the eyelids for five minutes, rewetting the cloth as necessary. This loosens the crust from the eyelids. Next, the patient can use the wet cloth to scrub the eyelid with soft soap or baby shampoo. Horizontal strokes should be used, and extra attention needs to be given to the base of the eyelashes and margins of the eyes. The final step is to wipe the eyelids with a clean, wet towel, then dry them with a clean, dry cloth or towel.

In extreme cases, testosterone creams may be prescribed by a medical professional, adds WebMD. Other treatments include LipiFlow, a 12-minute procedure which cleans oil glands using heat and pressure therapy. To prevent recurring blepharitis, previously used eye makeup should be replaced, and all eye makeup needs to be removed before sleeping.

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