How Do You Treat a Bladder Infection in Females?

How Do You Treat a Bladder Infection in Females?

The most common treatment of bladder infections in women is a short course of antibiotics, as stated by WebMD. In some cases, such as when the infection involves the kidneys, longer treatment may be necessary.

Often the condition improves within the first day of treatment, according to WebMD. Follow the steps below to treat a bladder infection in women.

  1. See a doctor
  2. Visit a doctor, who can determine the best course of antibiotic treatment. Follow his guidance and drink plenty of water during treatment.

  3. Obtain an anesthetic for the urinary tract
  4. Purchase phenazopyridine (Pyridium) from a pharmacy. This is available without a prescription and will help reduce the pain associated with bladder infections.

  5. Return to the doctor
  6. If directed to do so, return to the doctor after completing the treatment for a follow-up urine test. This will determine whether treatment has been successful.