How Do You Treat a Bitten Lip?

Treat a bitten lip by first cleaning any cuts on the inside of the mouth with a rinse of saltwater or a solution of one part water and one part hydrogen peroxide, explains Simple Steps To Better Dental Health. Use ice or a cold compress to address swelling or bruising.

If the bitten lip is bleeding, pressure applied for five or more minutes with a clean cloth can help control the bleeding, notes Simple Steps To Better Dental Health. Applying a cold pack made of crushed ice wrapped in sterile gauze can also help address bleeding and any discomfort or swelling.

In severe cases, a bitten lip requires treatment by a medical professional, explains Simple Steps To Better Dental Health. Some signs the injury is too severe to treat at home include uncontrollable bleeding and a very deep cut or a cut that goes completely through the lip and skin. Visit a health care provider if the area becomes infected. Pus drainage, fever, swelling several days after the injury and tenderness or redness that lingers are all signs the bite is infected. Additionally, it is important to visit a dentist if any teeth become loose or broken from the impact of the bite. The prognosis for bitten lips is usually very good. The mouth has an ample blood supply, allowing for fast healing and minimal scarring.