How Do You Treat Bedsores?


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Treatment of bedsores involves the use of gels, creams and dressings to speed up the healing process and to reduce pressure. With care, stage I and stage II bedsores usually heal on their own after several weeks or months. A person with stage III and stage IV bedsores must use medicated creams and gels since they are usually hard to treat, as stated by Mayo Clinic.

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Also called pressure sores or pressure ulcers, bedsores are injuries that affect the skin and the underlying tissues. They occur when the skin is under high pressure. Bedsores are common on the tailbone, ankles, hips and heals. The first step to treatment is reducing the pressure that cause the sores. This can be done by changing positions regularly and using support surfaces, such as cushions, mattresses and beds.

Open wounds need to be cleaned on a regular basis using salty water. If the affected area is not broken, a person can use water and mild soap to clean it. A person can then use treated coverings, films, gauzes, foams or gels to dress the affected area. Dressing helps to keep the wound moist, keeps the skin dry and prevents the penetration of microorganisms, thus boosting the healing process.

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