How Do You Treat Alopecia Barbae?


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Alopecia barbae treatments can include corticosteroid creams, injections, pills and sensitizing chemical treatments, according to WebMD. Alopecia barbae is the same as general alopecia areata, except it is isolated to men's facial hair, so similar treatments may be used for both.

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WebMD states that alopecia areata is the third most common cause of hair loss. It is not contagious, and its exact source or nature is not known, as of 2014. However, some studies suggest that it is an autoimmune disease that uses a person's immune system to attack hair follicles. Corticosteroids can be administered for milder cases of alopecia barbae, and they are administered by various means, depending on extensiveness of the hair loss. Contact sensitizing chemicals can be used to trigger an allergic reaction that promotes hair growth.

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