How Do You Treat Allergies With Acupuncture?


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According to Bill Schoenbart and Ellen Shefi for HowStuffWorks, allergies treated with acupuncture are relieved instantly by inserting needles at points around the nose. Using this method brings instant relief from sneezing and congestion.

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Schoenbart and Shefi note that acupuncture has been proven to completely remove allergy symptoms in certain individuals. A person's diet plays a role in controlling allergy symptoms as well. Foods such as ice cream or yogurt tend to build up mucus in the nose and throat when allergy season is in full swing. When the mucus accumulates, allergy symptoms become worse. Vegetables and boiled grains digest better in the body and cause less of a mucus or allergy problem. Allergies present when the immune system misreads a harmless substance as a bodily threat. Substances that produce an over-reaction in this respect are animal dander, pollen, certain foods, dust mites and drugs.

According to Natural News, acupuncture benefits the allergy sufferer in one of two ways. It eliminates allergy symptoms, such as stuffiness, fatigue, headaches and eye irritation, and balances out the system overall. Because most allergy symptoms occur above the neck, acupuncture treatment concentrates on the facial area to open up the channels where blockages and mucus form.

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