How Do You Treat Alcohol Toxicity?


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The treatment of alcohol toxicity involves helping the body rid itself of alcohol, such as oxygen therapy and intravenous fluids, according to Mayo Clinic. Other treatments include careful monitoring, the use of glucose or vitamins and the prevention of choking.

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How Do You Treat Alcohol Toxicity?
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Symptoms of alcohol toxicity include vomiting, confusion, slow breathing, seizures, and blue or pale skin, explains Mayo Clinic. Low body temperature, irregular breathing and unconsciousness are other signs of alcohol toxicity. It is not necessary for a person to show all of these symptoms before receiving medical assistance. Alcohol toxicity is an emergency situation that people should not attempt to treat at home. Home treatments such as black coffee, a cold shower or sleeping it off are not safe treatments.

If a person is suspected to have alcohol toxicity, it is important to call emergency services as soon as possible, states Mayo Clinic. The emergency dispatcher may need information about the victim such as the amount of alcohol the person drank. It is important that the victim is not left alone, as he may stop breathing or begin to choke on vomit. If a person is vomiting, it is important to help him sit up, if possible. If not, turn the person's head to the side.

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