How Do You Treat Adult Diaper Rash?


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Treatment for adult diaper rash involves keeping the skin dry, leaving diapers off as much as possible, and delicately washing the affected area with warm water, making sure to dry the area thoroughly afterwards, states eMedicineHealth. It's important to change diapers as soon as they become wet or soiled. Applying nonprescription yeast medication to the rash can help promote healing, and soaking in warm water baths for 10 minutes up to three times per day can also help.

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Diaper rash, or diaper dermatitis, occurs due to wetness, rubbing against the diaper or incontinence brief, and direct contact with urine and stool, explains eMedicineHealth. Perfumes or chemicals in adult incontinence briefs can also cause diaper rash, and adults sometimes develop diaper rash if they are unable to properly clean their genital area.

Although uncomfortable, diaper rashes are usually not a serious health concern, according to eMedicineHealth. Skin affected by diaper rash may appear raw, red, burned or scalded. In most instances, diaper rashes clear up in about a day with home treatment.

To prevent adult diaper rash, caretakers should change wet or soiled diapers as quickly as possible, advises eMedicineHealth. If possible, caretakers should leave diapers off for 10 minutes after each changing so the area can air dry.

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