How Do You Treat an Achilles Heel Tendon Injury?


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The best ways to treat an Achilles tendon injury include ice packs, an elastic bandage wrap, taking ibuprofen, resting and doing some stretching exercises, according to WebMD. Most often the above treatments take care of the problem. However in severe cases, when the heel is ruptured, surgery may be required.

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How Do You Treat an Achilles Heel Tendon Injury?
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As described on Wikipedia, the Achilles heel tendon is located in the back of the calf. It is a sturdy thick cord made up of fibers which connect the calf muscles to the heel. It is used each time a person walks, exercises or does any other kind of foot movement. Upon sustaining an injury to the Achilles, one may hear a sudden pop or snapping sound. The Mayo Clinic explains that pain may start out mild and slowly get worse, or it may be very sharp and sudden. Achilles heel tendon injuries are frequently caused by intensive participation in sports that involve jumping and sudden stops. The injuries are most often seen in soccer, basketball and tennis. Other causes of injury include wearing high heels, not properly stretching before exercise or raising the level of one’s physical activity too quickly. Studies have shown that men are five times more likely to hurt the Achilles heel tendon than women. Once injured the average recovery time for an Achilles heel tendon ranges from 12 to 16 months, states the Mayo Clinic.

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