What Are Some Traits of Narcissistic Men?


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Some traits of narcissistic men include poor interpersonal boundaries, low self-esteem and high reaction to criticism. These features of narcissism are not unique to men, and they can also manifest in women, according to Psychology Today.

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What Are Some Traits of Narcissistic Men?
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Narcissistic men have poor awareness of their personal boundaries and tend to think that it is unlimited even in the presence of other individuals. They tend to put their needs before those of anybody else, regardless of age or relationship. They view every aspect as a device to serve their needs, and to their advantage. They expect to get things from others the same way they get to themselves, says Psychology Today.

Narcissistic men also exhibit low self-esteem. However, this trait may not be noticeable, because these men appear to have superficial high self-regard. In that view, they can seek to rise in business, politics or job positions to conceal the vast levels of insecurity underneath their superficial high self-regard, as Psychology Today indicates.

Moreover, narcissistic men tend to react quickly to criticism, especially to inferences of personality inadequacies. They tend to avoid any questions that would expose their deficiencies through falsification of evidence. Additionally, they may change the subject of a conversation if they find it intrusive to their personality, reports Psychology Today.

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