What Are Some Traits of Narcissistic Husbands?


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Narcissistic husbands exhibit a lack of empathy, an idealized self-image and an inability to accept criticism or acknowledgement of even normal, human missteps, according to Dr. Craig Malkin in The Huffington Post. This often results from a fragmented family history and manifests in a high need for control.

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Narcissism is a spectrum disorder, and it therefore shows different symptoms in every individual, notes Psychology Today. Common traits include manipulating, blaming and mistrusting others, fixating on power, money and status, and refusing to consider the feelings, needs and desires of others. Narcissistic husbands often display an exaggerated feeling of importance and a sense of entitlement. They may expect special favors with no explanation and take advantage of others to get what they want. The more of these symptoms a husband exhibits, the more likely it is that he suffers from narcissistic personality disorder, and the more damaging his influence may be on his wife and children.

The Mayo Clinic reports that psychotherapy, also known as talk therapy, is the best treatment for narcissistic personality disorder. This may also take the form of couples or family therapy in order to assuage the negative influence of a narcissistic husband on those closest to him.

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