What Are Some Traits of a Healthy Relationship?


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Healthy relationships are evident when people form a connection rooted in trust, mutual respect, equality, separate identities and honesty. While there are often some aspects of an unhealthy relationship in every interrelation, people in nourishing relationships are willing to put forth work to maintain a good balance.

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While stress is a natural part of every relationship, a healthy relationship entails more happiness than stress. There should not be a lengthy period of mental stress on either person in the relationship. When someone is in a healthy relationship, he often takes care of himself, maintaining an identification and strong self-esteem independent of the relationship. He feels secure and comfortable enough to permit and encourage his partner to have other friendships and participates in activities with and without his partner.

Conflict is a natural part of any relationship, and all people involved should feel safe in bringing up concerns that may result in conflict. How the people negotiate the conflict is paramount. In a healthy relationship, conflict is not viewed as a winner-loser proposition, but rather a time that both people may be right and wrong. Partners in strong relationships seek out solutions that lend themselves to constructive decision-making that is improved by one another's perspective. People in healthy relationships try to avoid blaming problems exclusively on one person and attempt to seek multiple solutions when disagreement arises.

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