What Are Some Training Exercises to Improve Stability and Balance?


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Some exercises to improve stability and balance include the one-legged squat reach, curtsy salute and liftoff. The pendulum is another exercise that can help to improve balance and stability.

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To do the one-legged squat reach, stand on the left leg, pull the right foot a couple of inches off the ground, and bend the left leg at a 90 degree angle. While doing this, straighten your back, and hold the pose for 30 seconds before switching sides. To perform the curtsy salute, stand with the feet apart, and hold a dumbbell in the left hand before lunging the right leg back, bending the knees, as if doing a curtsy.

To do the liftoff, stand with your arms by the sides and feet together. Move the hips forward to make the back and ground parallel while extending the arms down and lifting the back legs and putting the arms out to the sides.

To perform the pendulum, balance on the right leg, bend the left, and pull it up behind the body. The right hand goes on the hip as you lower into squat position on the right leg while reaching the left hand to the right toes. Rise up, and while keeping the left foot off the floor, reach the left hand in front then overhead for one count, keeping the abdominal muscles tight.

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