How Do You Train for a Triathlon?


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If training for a triathlon for the first time, begin with a sprint triathlon and slowly transition to longer distances. Reserve three to six days per week for training, with each day of the week devoted to a different event. According to Men's Fitness, the swimming event is the most difficult, so athletes should begin the week with a 30-minute swim.

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In addition to training for each event individually, Men's Fitness also advocates training the body to transition seamlessly between events. Combine biking and running on one day to teach the body how to run directly after a bike. This type of training is especially important for people who are participating in their first triathlon; the sensation is slightly different from a normal run.

Reserve Saturdays for training on the bicycle, the longest portion of the race. Ride for 60 to 90 minutes. Men's Fitness also suggests incorporating strength training into swim days, since swimming is the least taxing on the body. Focus on total-body conditioning, with emphasis put on the muscles needed for each event.

Do not forget to schedule a rest day. It is crucial to give the body adequate time to rest and repair muscles, preferably after the longest and most intense day of training.

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