How Do You Train for a Tough Mudder Event?


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The keys to successful Tough Mudder training are running 12 miles regularly, strength training through push ups and weight lifting, and mental toughness. Tough Mudder is a 10- to 12-mile obstacle course race, and only 78 percent of first-time participants finish the race.

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If you are a fairly inexperienced runner, the first step is to complete a proper initial training program. You can start with something simple, like Couch to 5K, which gradually gets a sedentary person up off the sofa and running a 5K in just nine weeks. After completing this sort of training, you can gradually increase your running distance while decreasing your time. Regular running builds stamina and gets you ready for the big day.

Tough Mudder is not just an endurance run, though. There are obstacles everywhere on the course to challenge you both physically and mentally. The race promoters have several suggestions for how to train for these obstacles, including methods to help you to get over the Berlin Wall, a 10-foot-high wooden plank wall. CrossFit is also a great program that uses unconventional training methods to prepare athletes for obstacle course races. Mental preparation is also key to succeeding in Tough Mudder or any challenging race.

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