How Do You Train to Run Better?


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Speed work and endurance running increase running efficiency and help build power. These two types of workouts improve running ability and allow runners to work toward faster and longer workouts.

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  1. Increase speed work to two to three times weekly

    Speed workouts incorporate fast, anaerobic training into daily runs. Anaerobic exercise means short bursts of high-intensity, high-speed running. A common exercise is 400 meter repeats; in this workout, the runner sprints 400 meters at high intensity and then rests for 60 to 90 seconds. The high-intensity interval is repeated eight to 12 times, but intervals and repetitions can be adjusted for ability and fitness levels.

  2. Include at least one long, slow run weekly

    Many runners incorporate one long, slow run weekly to help increase power, endurance and oxygen efficiency. Experts recommend increasing mileage by no more than 20 percent weekly, and using a walk-run interval of 90 seconds running to 30 seconds walking to help the body adjust to added miles.

  3. Incorporate rest days into your workout regimen

    With added stress, intensity and endurance, rest and recovery are important for the body. Cross-training activities such as swimming, yoga or cycling are low-impact ways to keep in shape. Additionally, many experts recommend taking at least one day off from exercise weekly to allow the body time to repair muscles.

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