How Do You Train for a Marathon?

How Do You Train for a Marathon?

To train for a marathon, buy appropriate running shoes and gear. Gain race experience through shorter races and build a base for at least six months. Find a marathon and adhere to a marathon training schedule.

  1. Train with the right gear

    Running shoes and appropriate clothing are an important investment for a marathon runner. Buy shoes that match your running style and foot type in order to prevent injury. Find a water bottle or hydration belt that you are comfortable using to stay hydrated on long runs.

  2. Build a base and race

    Start running slowly and over short distances. Do not be concerned with pace when beginning to run. After you have been running for several months, compete in some shorter races to gain race experience.

  3. Choose a marathon

    At least six months before the event, choose a marathon in which you would like to compete. Give consideration to the size of the event, the type of likely weather and the amount of travel involved.

  4. Adopt a marathon training schedule

    When you are approximately 16 weeks from the date of your marathon, start your formal training schedule. Adhere closely to the schedule and make certain to incorporate sufficient rest days. Begin to taper mileage several weeks prior to the event in order to be fresh on race day.